About Me

Jennifer Raynor is an environmental economist whose research focuses on natural resource management and policy.

My Research

My research uses methods from economics and ecology to estimate the monetary value of natural resources and identify the economic impacts of ecological and regulatory changes. I’m broadly interested in questions like: “What the are the economic benefits of healthy ecosystems?” and “How do natural resource users respond to environmental policies, and how might these behaviors undermine conservation objectives?”

I have examined issues related to a variety of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial resources, with an emphasis on fisheries and wildlife. I have previously worked on projects related to the value of keystone species, bycatch of rare species in commercial fisheries, and marine spatial planning.

My Background

I have been on the faculty at Wesleyan University since 2019. Before moving to academia, I worked for NOAA Fisheries in Hawaii, where I conducted research to inform U.S. fisheries management and policy.